Not into autopilot? No problem. Built into the app is the opportunity to set your own margin and manage offerings for specific products. We highly recommend you keep on autopilot, but should you want to set your own margins and manage launch, you're welcome to do so.

Custom Margin

If you choose to turn Autopilot Margins off, you'll be prompted to set your own universal margin. This number is a percentage of the price of the contract. For example, if a contract costs $5 (underwriting and service fee), and you set your universal margin to 50%, you'll sell the contract for $7.50, making you $2.50 in risk-free passive revenue. This % is applied to all contracts.

Managing Contracts

At any moment, regardless of whether Autopilot Launch is on or off, you have full control over which products have protection offerings. Don't want to offer contracts for a specific product? Turn it "off" on the "Products" page and launch your updates to your live site. Change your mind about having Autopilot Launch on? Turn it back on and launch. Controlling your offering is as easy as that.

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