All Shopify stores are organized into collections, including a default collection titled 'all'. Many catalog pages are simply the 'collections/all' page, and since they display all products in your shop, the warranty products added by Clyde will be visible there as well.

If you prefer that warranties remain behind the scenes until a user adds one to the cart with one of our prompts, you can easily hide them from your collections by following these steps:

  1. Open the 'Collections' menu in your Shopify admin panel (found under 'Products')
  2. If you don't see an 'All' collection, click 'Create collection' in the top right and name your new collection 'All'. Make sure you have 'Collection type' set to 'Automated'.
  3. Under 'Conditions' on your 'All' collection make sure you include 'Product type' 'is not equal to' Clyde Service Contract. If you have already launched Clyde to your store, Clyde Service Contract will pop up as a dropdown suggestion.

Warranty products added by Clyde are automatically hidden from search, so they will now be difficult to locate through your storefront. If you want to review how those products appear on your store the best way to find them is through the products list in your Shopify admin panel.

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