Clyde make it incredibly easy for your business to offer product coverage (extended warranties) to your customers at the point-of-sale – online, B2B, or in-store. We take this incredibly complicated process and make it lightning fast.

With Clyde, you:

  1. Offer comprehensive product coverage to your customers at a 10% attachment rate. Thats 6% better than the industry average!
  2. Make a risk-free margin on the sale of every contract sold, deposited directly to your bank account.
  3. Instantaneously work with top-tier insurers. Literally add zero additional work to your plate.

With Clyde, you avoid:

  1. Trying to build a relationship with an insurance company (unless your Jeff Bezos, good luck).
  2. Writing a single line of code on your website.
  3. Connecting with an insurance company's (nonexistent) backend.
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