The CTA or call-to-action refers to the widget that your customers use to purchase a Clyde warranty. It can be displayed on three pages in the customer purchase path, and has different formats and locations within the Product Page. 

Three pages: 

  1. Product Page 
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Modal 

Two formats (Product Page):

  1. Simple 
  2. Select 

Three locations (Product Page):

  1. Above cart
  2. Below cart 
  3. Custom location 


Use the Preview tool on the Customize page to see how the CTA will look with different combinations of locations and formats. When you’re ready, use the Location section to make your selections. 

  1. Go to Customize
  2. Preview the options by clicking on the different tabs.
  3. Choose your options in the 'Location' section. Scroll down as 'Location' is located below the fold. 
  4. Confirm by clicking 'Save' in the bottom right 

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