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When you’ve made a Warranty sale offline or in-store, you must Record the sale in Clyde so we ensure the customer’s coverage is activated. 


Find your Product

  1. Login to Clyde
  2. Click on ‘Manage Products’ located on the left of your screen.
  3. Search using your Product’s SKU or Name
  4. Click ‘Record a Sale’ 
  5. If 'Contracts Pending' is displayed instead of 'Record a Sale', then please reach out to

Record customer info

  1. Select the Warranty plan's length
  2. Type out Customer info (all fields are required)
  3. Select ‘at least $x amount has been collected for this sale’ 
  4. Click ‘Record Sale’

Next Steps

Now the Warranty sale has been recorded and the Customer will get an email with their Warranty contract info. If you need to register the Warranty info in your POS.

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