When a Warranty is sold, you collect 100% of the payment. That means you collect the insurer’s premium, Clyde’s fee, and your margin.  

Your margin

Your margin is the money you make off of each Warranty sold. Your margin is 100% profit because you do not reimburse the customer if their product breaks.
In the case of a Refund your margin is automatically reimbursed to the customer. 

Clyde’s fee

Clyde’s service fee is the payout to Clyde. We make money on each transaction, and do not charge a subscription fee. 

Insurer’s premium

The premium is the payout to the Insurer who underwrites and administers the Warranty. The Insurer receives this fee in exchange for taking on risk and servicing repairs. 


Let's say that a warranty is purchased for $100. Of this $100, the Insurer's premium and Clyde’s service fee total $60 and your store’s margin is $40. (Actual numbers vary depending on your margin percentage). 

You will collect all $100 on the Date of Purchase. At the next billing date (every other Monday), Clyde will withdraw $60 from your account (the sum of the insurer’s premium and Clyde’s service fee). 

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